Mathieu Ferrand

GEMCA research fellow

Institut des Civilisations, Arts et Lettres (INCAL)
Postdoctoral fellow (« Move-in Louvain », UCL-Marie Curie Actions)

Research fields

French and Neo-Latin Theatre (1450-1600).
Ancient Theatre in the Renaissance.
Intellectual and poetic production of Humanist Colleges.

My work so far has focused on French and Latin literature in the Renaissance and humanist pedagogy, specifically the plays staged in colleges and universities in the early 16th century. I have examined their pedagogic dimension (in the moral, linguistic, rhetoric formation of students), as well as their aesthetic (the influence of vernacular and classical theatre) and political ones. I am currently working on publishing my dissertation on theatre in the Parisian colleges (Le théâtre des collèges parisiens. Textes et pratiques dramatiques, Genève, Droz, 2016), and the commented edition of the first three comedies à l’antique composed in France (Paris, 1533).

Postdoctoral project

Speaking on stage: Latin theatre and practices of orality at the University of Louvain in the years 1500-1530 (direction: Prof. Aline Smeesters)

I would like to shed new light on the dramatic exercises practiced within the university colleges at Louvain in the beginning of the 16th century. My study will focus on the work of two teachers: Erasmus’ friend Martin Dorpius, and his colleague Adrien Barlandus. As an extension to their lessons and commentaries on Ancient theatre, both teachers have indeed put on stage with their students Latin comedies by Plautus and Terence or Greek tragedies translated into Latin by Erasmus; for these occasions, they have written Latin prologues and have completed an unfinished play (Aulularia). Moreover, they composed original Dialogi which have never been extensively studied nor translated in any modern language. I intend to offer a critical edition with French translation of these dramatic and para-dramatic texts, and to situate them within the history of European theatre. These masters have indeed played a decisive role in the rebirth of Ancient dramatic forms, by strongly linking together theory and practice. Furthermore, I would like to question the relationship between this dramatic production and the world of schools and universities. The production and diffusion contexts will be scrutinized thanks to an exploration of archival material. I will also study the link between this living theatre and the other practices of orality in university.

Most representative publications

M. Ferrand and S. Laigneau-Fontaine (ed.), Le théâtre néo-latin en France. Études et anthologie, Genève, Droz, à paraître en 2016

M. Ferrand and N. Istasse  (ed.), Nouveaux regards sur les « Apollons de collège ». Figures du professeur humaniste en France dans la première moitié du XVIe siècle, Genève, Droz, 2013

 « Humanist Neo-Latin Drama in France », Neo-Latin Drama and Theatre in Early Modern Europe, ed. J. Bloemendal and  H. Norland, Brill, Leiden, 2013, p. 365-413

« Les exercices de composition et de déclamation poétiques dans les collèges parisiens au début du XVIe siècle. Autour de Joannes Ravisius Textor », Poésie latine à haute voix (1500-1700), ed. L. Isebaert and A. Smesters, Turnhout, Brepols, 2013, p. 19-41

« Le théâtre des collèges au début du XVIe siècle : Les Dialogi (1530) de Johannes Ravisius Textor », Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance, 2010, 72/2, p. 337-368

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