Nathalie Hancisse

GEMCA research fellow

Institut des civilisations, arts et lettres
FNRS Research Fellow, English Literature

Title of the thesis
Truth in Dis-Guise: Mary, Queen of Scots in Translation

Thesis supervisor
Guido Latré, Université catholique de Louvain

Research fields
English literature, Mary, Queen of Scots (shaping and reception of her image), translation, religious controversy and propaganda in the sixteenth century

Abstract of the thesis

The perception of the image of Marie Stuart played a pivotal role in developing a concept of nationhood in both England and Scotland. Writings from across the Channel, produced in a context of recusant literature, identified her as a catholic martyr and model, in mutually dependant stories written in French, Dutch, German, Latin and English. They demonised her 'protestant' rival Elizabeth I. By contrast, protestant English martyrologies described Mary as a scheming despot and murderess, a catholic usurper of an allegedly divine right to rule, claiming that only Elizabeth I's 'new' nation gave a voice to the people. Using very recently developed tools in translation studies and electronic editions of renaissance texts and bibliographies, the project focuses on the interaction between both parallel and conflicting Marian stories through the perspective of the translation activity between the five above-mentioned languages.

Most representative publications

"I'ay mis la main au papier pour escrire / D'un different que i'ay voulu transcrire : The Role of Translation in the Study of the Casket Letters poems (1572)", in G. Ems and M. Minet (eds.), Les Artes Poeticae aux XVIe et XVIIe siècles, Turnhout, Brepols, « Latinitates », to be published.

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