Annelyse Lemmens

GEMCA research fellow

Institut des civilisations, arts et lettres (INCAL)
Research Fellow FNRS, Art History

Title of the thesis
The staged book. Statuses, functions and uses of the frontispiece in the ancient Netherlands between 1585 and 1640.

Research fields
Engraving of the 16th and 17th centuries, engravers and printers in Antwerp, ancient Netherlands, iconography, semiotic.

Abstract of the thesis

This research dedicated to the evolution of the frontispiece between 1585 and 1650 in the circle of the Antwerp’s publishing has for purpose to seize all the cultural stakes in the visual rhetoric displayed in this introductory space, envisaged as invaluable lookout post of the reconfigurations of the imagination of the book between the age of the first Renaissance, placed under the sign of the humanism, and the baroque-said age, where blossom tastes of the splendor, the celebration and the dramatization, characters which are materialized by the creation of allegorical pages staging the title. It will be a question of re-registering the frontispiece not only in the space of the book but more widely in the cultural history of this period, by trying to bring to light the essential role played by the publishers and the engravers of Antwerp in the constitution and the expansion of a visual culture in the European and even world scale, the culture on which we are still widely dependent.

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