Mathieu Minet

GEMCA's researcher

Faculty of Arts (FIAL)
Institut des civilisations, arts et lettres (INCAL)
Assistant Lecturer, Research Fellow

Title of the thesis
Louis Des Masures (c. 1510-1574) and the poetical Reformation

Research fields
Neo-Latin poetry

Abstract of the thesis

As any major conflict, the French Wars of Religion had literary and poetical extensions: in his book (La poésie des Protestants de langue française [1559-1598], Paris, 1971), J. Pineaux outlined characteristics of the Protestant poetical production in light of vicissitudes of History and literary debates of these times, particularly the tension between resistance of old poetical habits formalized by Clément Marot, and the attemps of la Pléiade to renew French poetry and language. The effects of a poetical conversion on Neo-Latin Poetry are less known. My research aims to show how the Calvinist poet Louis Des Masures (as Masurius, c. 1510-1574) tried to “convert” his Latin Musa.

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