Laurence Wuidar

Member of GEMCA

Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Post-doctoral Researcher FNRS, Musicology

Present research
Music in philosophical and theological literature, starting with musical images, analogies and metaphors in Saint Augustine.

Research topics

My research focuses on the role and status of music within the historical realm of science, philosophy and theology. I’m working on the relationships between history of science, natural, speculative and hermetic philosophy, theology and music to deeper the reconstruction of the knowledge map in medieval and early modern Europe.
  • My first research area deals with the relationship between astronomy and astrology within the Renaissance episteme of magic from the pythagorico-platonic tradition to the scientific revolution of the 17th century including the interaction between music and medicine in demonological treatises.
  • My second research interest is on the philosophy of musical enigmas and musical cryptic language. How musical languages interact with other communication forms and specifically hieroglyphical culture, heritage and iconography.
  • My third field of research investigates the manner in which music contributes to the philosophical and theological questioning in the resolution of time and eternity, finiteness and infiniteness and psychological matters (memory, emotions…) as well as the relationship between theology and music through musical representation of religious and esoteric symbolism.

Most representative publications

Musique et astrologie après le concile de Trente, Turnhout, Brepols, 2008.

Canons énigmes et hiéroglyphes musicaux dans l’Italie du 17e siècle, Bruxelles, Peter Lang, 2008.

L’angelo e il girasole. Conversazioni filosofico-musicali, Bologna, ESD, 2010.

Dal gaudio angelico all’uomo melanconico. Incontri di musica con un’introduzione di Giuseppe Barzaghi, Imola, Angelini Editore, 2010.

Music and Esotericism (éd.), Leiden, Brill, Aries Book Serie, 2010.

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