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« Crossing Boundaries »

27, 28 & 29 mai 2010
Sessions de colloque organisées par le GEMCA
Amsterdam, Pays-Bas.
Organisation : Historians of Netherlandish Art

Session organisée par Ralph Dekoninck (UCL) et Walter Melion (Emory), « Pictura and Emblemata in the Works of Otto van Veen and his Contemporaries »

Présentation de la session

    Scholarship on the learned painter Otto van Veen (ca. 1551-1629), scion of a prominent Dutch Catholic family, has focused on the association between the master and his former student Peter Paul Rubens, who would seem to have emulated him in significant ways. Recently, there has also been a renewal of interest in Van Veen’s accomplishments as a painter of altarpieces on the one hand and as an emblematist on the other. Our session invites scholars to braid these two strands — painting and emblematics — by considering how they interpenetrate in the oeuvre of Van Veen and his contemporaries. How, for example, does his emblematic treatise on divine love (Amoris divini emblemata, 1615) or his diagrammatic treatise on predestination and free will (Physicae et theologicae conclusiones, 1621), both of which constitute meditative programs on the theme of vision, help us better to understand the form, function, and meaning of paintings produced by Van Veen and other masters for private and/or public devotion? How might emblem books and paintings be construed as joint expressions of the Christian humanist culture that flourished in the Southern Netherlands under the auspices of the monastic orders — Jesuit, Capuchin, Augustinian, and Praemonstratensian — and the court of Albert and Isabella? How did emblematic spiritual exercises teach reader-viewers to mobilize the eyes, and through them the entire sensorium, activating the external and internal senses, visual and spiritual discernment, as a prelude to meditation on sacred images? And finally, what is the image theory that undergirds the relation between paintings and emblems? Papers focusing on Rubens in light of these questions would also be welcome.

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