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« Interspaces between the Haptic and the Visual. Case Studies around the Representation and the Communication through the Sensorium (Noli me tangere, Haemorrhoïssa, Johannesschüssel) »

20 mars 2014
Atelier « Class of Excellence » Francqui

Organisation de l'atelier : Barbara Baert

In this workshop we will focus on the interchange, interspaces and conflations of the senses, departing from three thematic fields in medieval iconology and visual anthropology which in particular thematize these scopes in fundamental and paradigmatically way: The Noli me Tangere, the Haemorrhoïssa and the Johannesschüssel.

The Noli me tangere installs a paradigm in favor of the visionary (gazing at Christ who is on the threshold of his departure in the visible invisibility = vera icon) suppressing the haptic. Undercurrent of this chiasmic relationship between the haptic and the visual is smell (evoked by the garden) as a transitory affect between two worlds and as mediator of love and insight.

The Haemorrhoïssa installs a paradigm in favor of the tactile (the woman with bloodfluxus takes the dynamis fluxus from Christ’s hem and cures), suppressing the visual. An important mediator of the haptic is the hearing and the inner feeling: ‘her well dried up’. Here a sensorium is represented that is more archaic then the very platonic Noli me tangere. The Haemorrhoïssa, moreover, will conflate with the Veronica, losing her previous haptic power in favor of ultimate visuality.

The Johannesschüssel is the ultimate paradox of the senses. Being part of the sculptural tactile world it represents the death of the voice. The dismantling of the idea of the prophetic vox and hence the sonic world into ‘silence’ strengths the gazing between object and beholder. Yet the object is ‘death’ and cannot respond the gaze. The gazing beholder falls into the black abyss, comparable with the Medusa paradigm and as such being the flipside of the vera icon which is the image that looks back beyond any price.


In attendance of Prof. Victor I. Stoichita

9:30 : Barbara Baert (Iconology Research Group – Illuminare, KU Leuven)

10:00 : Sophia Rochmes (PhD Candidate, History of Art and Architecture University of California, Santa Barbara)
Medieval Monochrome and the Limits of Sense Perception

10:45 : Dominique Delarue (PhD Candidate, Universität Heidelberg – Il- luminare, KU Leuven)
Bedeutungsvoll beginnen. Die Rolle von Frontispizen und Eingangsminiaturen in den Bildprogrammen französischer Legendare

11:30 :
Soetkin Vanhauwaert (PhD Candidate FWO – KU Leuven)
The Johannesschüssel and the Senses

12:15 : Lunch

14:45 : Robrecht Janssen (PhD Candidate, Illuminare, KU Leuven)
‘Don’t You Believe to See that God is Present?’ Anthonis Mors (1517-1577) Risen Christ through the Eyes of Dominicus Lampsonius (1532-1599)

15:30 : Bert Watteeuw (Research assistant Rubenianum – PhD Candidate KU Leuven)
Tactile Textile. Early Modern Strategies of Synaesthesia in the Depiction of Dress

16:15 : Informal reception in the Spoelberchkamer of the Central University Library

Informations pratiques
Admission is free, however registration is necessary. If you wish to attend the workshop please send an e-mail to Annelies Vogels.

De 9h30 à 17h00

KU Leuven
Faculty of Arts, MSI 02.08
Blijde inkomstraat, 21
3000 Leuven

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